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Gifts Children Can Make for Mothers Day and Mothers Day Songs Kids Can Sing
Flower Door Stop for Mom
Mom can prop open her door with this special gift!

You'll need:
One coffee can with lid
Florist picks or pipe cleaners
Florist wire
Paper or felt
Fabric or Acrylic Paint

Paint the outside of the can with paint or use glue to cover with fabric. When it is dry, paint your message. 
"Happy Mother's Day,"I Love my Mom", etc. 
You may want to paint the date on the back of the can as well.
Mother's love to keep and date everything! Make 3-5 flowers using
paper or felt. Glue the flowers onto the florist picks.
Add leaves if you wish. Fill the can with sand and secure the top.
Arrange the flowers and poke them into the can top.
Kit's Tips:
I find it difficult to use regular glue with felt and pipe cleaners.
You may want to get help with a glue gun or use tape instead.
You can also use wire stemmed artificial flowers to save the step
of creating the flowers.

Sunflower Pin Cushion
What a pretty way to keep pins handy!

You'll need:
A yogurt container
Rubber band
Styrofoam ball

Glue green felt onto an empty yogurt container to cover it completely. 
Cut the  flower petals from any color felt you choose.
Glue them around the inside edge of the container, so that they
are sticking out from the top.
Now, you'll need a foam ball that is slightly larger than the
yogurt container. Cover the ball with fabric, leaving enough fabric to
secure with a rubber band at the bottom. Insert the ball into the cup, rubber band side down, and you are all done! Add a few pins for starter.
By the way, the top of a liquid detergent bottle will work for a base as well.

Helping Hands Craft for Mom

Give Mom a helping hand with a bouquet of special things you
can do for her!  She can redeem them whenever she needs a
little help around the house, yard or just a big bear hug.

You'll need:
Tacky Glue 
Florists picks/straws
Flower Pot (optional) 
Styrofoam or sand
Colored paper

Trace and cut around your child's hand 4-6 times on colored paper. 
Also make 6 leaves on green paper. Write messages on the hands such as...water the plants, One Big Hug, Clean my room, etc. Tape the hands
to the back of the florist picks. Add paper leaves if desired. Fill the pot
with Styrofoam or sand. If your pot has a drainage hole be sure to tape over it if you are using sand. Insert the Flowers into the pot and you are done! For a special touch, fill the pot with chocolate candies or jelly beans, YUM!

Refrigerator Clip
Keep your refrigerator organized with this special gift for Mom,
Grandma, Auntie or Dad!

You'll need:
Paint Stir Stick 
3 Clothespins (with a spring) 
Wood or Craft glue
Magnetic Strip 
Buttons/decorations, optional

Paint the stir stick with acrylic paints. then decorate 
the clothes pins with permanent markers or acrylic paints.
When the paint is dry, glue the 3 clothespins onto the stir stick.
Personalize the stick with pictures or the child's name. 
I like to use fabric paint to add dimension. When the fabric paint is dry, about 24 hrs. Attach a magnetic strip to the back of the stick.
You can also decorate the tip of the clothes pins by attaching items
with craft glue. In our illustration 
we chose flowers, but you can use buttons, ribbons, pictures...
look around your craft/fabric store to see what small goodies they have.
The magnetic strip may not be strong enough for heavier art works...
Try 3 strong magnets attached with a glue gun. Did you know that shower curtains have magnets at the bottom. Cut them out before throwing away your old shower curtains!

Sing a Mother's day song to say, "I love you".

We sing songs for Christmas and other celebrations...
Why not Mother's day as well. Mom's and preschool teachers shared these sweet Mother's day songs, sung to familiar tunes. Teach them to your children for a touching Mother's Day concert. Or, print them out to add to cards and other Mother's Day gifts.

I Love My Mommy 
Sing to tune of "Up on the Housetop" 

 I love my mommy, Yessiree! 
 She is very good to me! 
 Her hugs and kisses are oh so sweet,
 I think my Mommy is really neat.

 Oh, oh, oh, who wouldn't know, 
 Oh, oh, oh, who wouldn't know, 
 That I love my mommy and she loves me, 
 That's the way it's supposed to be! 

 I Love Mommy 
 Sing to the tune of "Frere Jacques" 

 I Love Mommy, I Love Mommy, 
 Yes, I do, yes, I do. 
 Mommies are for hugging, (Hug self) 
 Mommies are for kissing, (Blow a kiss) 
 I love you, yes I do. (point to mother)

What Can I Give You
What can I give you, still small and quite young? 
 A picture I've colored, a song I have sung? 
 Some help with the chores, that might be a good start. 
 But whatever I give, it's with love in my heart!! 

 Sung to the tune of 
 I've Been Working on the Railroad
 Kind of?

 M is for the million things she gives me 
 O means only that she's soft to hold 
 T for the things she tries to teach me 
 H is for her heart of purest gold 
 E for her eyes with love light shining 
 R means right and right she'll always be 

 Put them all together they spell Mother,
 A word that means the world to me.

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